Choice of:  Tofu & Vegetables $14, Chicken  $16,

Salmon or Shrimp  $19, Filet Mignon $23 or Sea Bass $25,  Duck  $21

Crispy Basil (Spicy)
Thai spicy light brown sauce stir-fried with sweet onions, bell peppers, and string beans, topped with crispy Thai basil leaves.

Pad Kee Mao (Spicy)
Stir-fried flat rice noodles with Thai spicy sweet basil sauce, white onions, carrots, bell peppers and eggs

Basil Fried Rice (Spicy)
Stir-fried jasmine rice with spicy sweet Thai basil sauce, onions, bell peppers and eggs topped with tomatoes and cucumber

Pineapple Himmaparn (Medium Spicy)
Stir-fried cashew nuts with Thai chili paste in soybean oil, diced pineapples, scallions, mushrooms, carrots,  bell peppers, and onions served in a half-shell pineapple

Thai Kuu Fried Rice
Stir-fried jasmine rice with mixed vegetables, white onions, tomatoes, and egg topped with tomatoes and cucumber

Ginger Stir-fried
Stir-fried fresh ginger with oyster sauce, bell peppers, onions, celery, green beans, carrots, and mushrooms.

Sweet reduction teriyaki sauce served with sauteed garlic, carrots, asparagus, and broccoli with a choice of Jasmine rice or mashed sweet yams.