“The creation of Thai Kuu was inspired by Atchara’s memories of the enticing aromas and warm hospitality at her sister’s restaurant in Southern Thailand.  Her time there, along with her experience of cooking with her mom in her hometown in Northern Thailand, shaped Atchara’s vision for the flavors and ambiance of Thai Kuu.  The variety of unique entrees and desserts at the restaurant is the culmination of Atchara’s life experiences and her love for Thai culture.

Now living in the U.S., Atchara longs to share her experiences with diners in the Philadelphia area.  In March 2011, Atchara, along with her husband Steve, opened Thai Kuu in order to bring the same great food and hospitality to the heart of Chestnut Hill.

The restaurant, with its warm but modern atmosphere, offers a variety of mouthwatering dishes from all across Thailand.  Dishes like Thai lemongrass soup, fish in red curry, and crispy basil beef are carefully composed using fresh ingredients and well-crafted sauces and pastes.  Each dish showcases the delicate balance of sweet, salty, sour, and spicy that is celebrated in Thai cuisine.  The restaurant also features hot rock cooking outside in the summertime. An interactive experience where diners cook and enjoy their own entrees sizzling on a hot volcanic stone right at their tables with special home made, mouth watering sauces that enhance the experience.”